Need Ideas For a Topic?

MICWIC encourages participants to submit papers, posters, lightning talks, and Birds of a Feather ideas on any topic of interest to conference attendees. Some suggestions include (but are not limited to):

  • Original research result — motivation for the research and the key ideas explored
  • Historical overview of some field of computing research or technology
  • Impact on society of some field of computing research or technology
  • Ethical issues relating to some field of computing research or technology
  • How to survive a computing major
  • Programming tips
  • Research, internship, or co-op experiences
  • How to get involved in research
  • Choosing a research advisor
  • Choosing a good research topic
  • How to create a successful Women In Computing group
  • An activity that your Women in CS organization conducted that was really successful. Or an activity or two that you wish your organization would conduct.
  • Tips for a new teaching assistant
  • Career networking tips
  • A tribute to a role model: What a specific woman did to help you; why her efforts "worked".
  • An open letter from a student to her instructors: What works and what doesn't - from the student perspective.
  • Tips for mentoring. What works and what doesn't? from the student perspective
  • What you've learned that you'd like to tell a first-year student in order to help her
  • How to encourage young women to develop their interest in computing

Additional Resources

  • MICWIC 2017 and MICWIC 2015 — Check out BoF, Lightning Talks, and papers presented at previous conferences.
  • Lightning talks: Philosophy, mechanics and ideas as documented for YAPC 2003
  • How to Give a Talk: Changing the Culture of Academic Public Speaking by Paul N. Edwards
  • ACM Crossroads Advice on Creating a Poster
  • How To Write a Research Poster