How To Get Involved

The 6th biennial Michigan Celebration of Women in Computing (MICWIC 2017) will bring together students, faculty, and technology leaders from across Michigan and neighboring states to discuss the role of women in today's computing and technology fields, share experiences and strategies for success, and explore issues common to women working in these fields. It will be held March 31 to April 1, 2017 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. We encourage you to take part in the conference in any of the ways described below.

Download the Call for Participation Flyer.

Download the Call for Submissions Flyer.

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You should attend if you are interested in learning about the challenges and rewards of computing careers or in advancing technology through broader representation of women. We encourage undergraduate and graduate students with interests in computing and information technology to attend and also to submit work in the appropriate categories below. We invite faculty and technology leaders to come meet and mentor the next generation of computing professionals, mingle with and learn from other distinguished members of Michigan's technology sector, and share their expertise in a BoF or Lightning Talk.

NEW THIS YEAR! Sign up for a Security Hackathon after the conference. See details below.

You can register for MICWIC and sign up for the Hackathon here.

Contribute to the Program

MICWIC 2017 invites contributions in the following categories:

See submission details below.

Explore Computing Careers

Participants who are interested in exploring internships and job opportunities are encouraged to participate in the MICWIC Career Fair. Upload your resume to Easy Chair so that participating companies can access your qualifications and schedule an interview or meet-up. Upload materials by March 19 to be included in the MICWIC 2017 Resume Database.



Paper Submission Template

MICWIC welcomes papers from students on any topic in computer science or information technology, including social and ethical issues. Submissions will be lightly reviewed. Our goal is to mentor young researchers, help students gain confidence in presenting their ideas, and provide useful feedback. Selected papers will be presented at the conference. Papers should be from 2 to 6 pages in length including text, figures, and references. See below for how to submit a paper.


Students are encouraged to submit abstracts for posters on research, class projects, and any number of topics relating to computing and information technology for the MICWIC 2017 Poster Reception. The Poster Reception gives students the opportunity to discuss their interests in computing with conference attendees in an informal setting.

Submit a poster abstract of no more than one page summarizing the key idea of your poster. Poster abstracts will be lightly reviewed. Our goal is to help students gain confidence in discussing their interests. Based on suitability of abstract submissions, students will be invited to prepare posters; final posters should be no larger than 36"x48" and be mounted on cardboard or a similar hard backing. See below for how to submit a poster abstract.

Prospective poster presenters may wish to look over our list of topic ideas for examples of suitable poster topics and "How To Write a Research Poster" (ACM Crossroads) for guidance on creating posters.

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions

These sessions are informal group discussions about technical or social issues in computing fields. Topic proposals may include anything related to computing, academia, industry, student organizations, or a topic of your choice.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations on any subject. Submit a brief proposal describing what subject your talk will cover. Need inspiration? Check out Lightning talks: Philosophy, mechanics and ideas


Submit your resume so that participating companies can access your qualifications and schedule an interview or meet-up. Upload materials by March 19 to be included in the MICWIC 2017 Resume Database.

How to Submit

Early submission deadline for reviewed submissions (papers, BOFs, talks, and posters) is January 31 and the final submission deadline is Feb. 15 March 1. (Meet the early submission deadline to be eligible for special prizes.) Notification of acceptance will be made by February 22 March 8. The deadline for uploading resumes is March 19.

All submissions should be via Easy Chair. There is a simple process to create an Easy Chair account.

For posters, birds of a feather, and lightning talks, submit a title, abstract and keywords in plain text. On all submissions, include the type of submission at the beginning of your title (e.g., "BoF: Writing good resumes" or "Poster: Benefits of a Summer internship" or "Paper: Benefits and Limitations of Software Contracts").

If submitting a paper, please include a title, abstract, keywords and the paper. Papers must be submitted in PDF format; papers should be created using this Word template.

Submit resumes to be shared with recruiters at the career fair as PDF files using the Paper upload button. Use "Resume" as the title.

Security Hackathon

Learn how the bad guys operate so you can better defend.

MICWIC is proud to partner with Security Innovation to offer a fun "find the vulnerabilities" game that teaches the importance of effective Website security and secure coding habits. Leveraging cheat sheets and other easy to understand tips, participants of all skill levels can learn how hackers break into Web sites in a fun and realistic environment. The game features authentic (and intentionally vulnerable) websites as well as an expert-guided training session to introduce you to core concepts via the game we'll play as a group.

In this guided simulation, you will have the opportunity (and be shown how) to:

  • Break into someone else's account
  • Transfer and steal money
  • Add items to an online shopping cart and buy them for $0
  • Uncover secret information - like your boss's salary!
All of the hacking is purely for fun and done on fake websites. Come learn valuable skills and grow your security knowledge!


  • You will need to bring your own laptop to participate.
  • Participation is limited to 60 students.
  • You may request to participate on the MICWIC registration form.
  • Requests will be accepted on a FCFS basis, so register early!
  • Lodging will be provided for non-local participants.


Date: April 1st
Time: 4-11p (directly following the conclusion of MICWIC17)
Location: Engineering Building