The people have spoken

Check below to hear what people were saying after previous MICWIC Conferences.

It can only help you to go, and it's a great opportunity to meet new people interested in computing.
It is the best conference a girl/woman in computing/technical field can attend.
MICWIC is an opportunity to speak with the professionals without feeling like a child.
MICWIC is a good opportunity to meet people and explore the field of computing.
It's a great opportunity to explore whether a career in computing is the right thing for you!
There were many networking opportunities and it was good to find support from other women and feel less alone. It was great to feel part of this group. I met many interesting people and had a great time!
MICWIC is a very welcoming, comfortable experience for a student trying to learn more about the field you are entering. You can learn from and interact with people who are already working in the fields you want to enter after college.
It is a fun, informational opportunity for networking in the Information Technology field.
It's a great opportunity to meet other people with similar interests, learn about new research and innovations in the field, and have fun!
Even if you aren't planning on going into a computer career, it's great to just go and see all the different options that are out there. For those of us who aren't sure just yet if this is what they want to do, what better place to help you decide than with the bunch of amazing women at this conference? For those of us who are rock certain in what we want to do, why would you want to pass up meeting other people as nuts for computers as you. Are you crazy?! Basically it's just a really good time and you learn lots while you're there. If you haven't gone yet, go.
It was a perfect opportunity to meet people, see and learn about their research and also meet professionals. It was a great place to meet mentors and it taught me some very valuable things (like networking) that I never thought of before... It was perfect to see women in computing and how successful and self confident they were. It was great to see younger and older generations work together and learn from each other.
That it is well worth your while even if you're not in the field, for the learning opportunities alone.