Rane Johnson-Stempson

Principal Research Director at Microsoft

Rane Johnson Stempson

Talk Title:
Solving World Problems with Computer Science

Rane Johnson-Stempson is the Education and Scholarly Communication Principal Research Director, where she engages with academics worldwide and identifies high-impact areas for research investigations. She is currently working on projects that use technology to transform how we learn about history and how we eradicate human trafficking. Rane is also the lead for growing, attracting and retaining women in research, science and engineering. She is actively working with NCWIT, Anita Borg, WEPAN, CRA-W, ACM-W and researchers on how to grow the pipeline of women in research, science and engineering. She has been selected to sit on Whitehouse committees to focus on how technology can stop the commercial sex trafficking of minors and technology inclusion for under- represented minorities in STEM. Previously, as the WW Director of Education Strategy she was responsible for multi-stakeholder partnerships, Cisco-Intel-Microsoft Alliance, World Economic Forum- Global Education Initiative, Fast Track Initiative-Private Constituency and helping our local teams around the world use the power of technology as an accelerator to transform education to meet local government priorities to drive economic and workforce development in the 21st century.

After 9 years at Microsoft, Rane has held a variety of positions. She started as an Public Sector Global Account Manager, Server and Tools Core Infrastructure Field Liaison, CEE Regional Core Infrastructure Product Manager, and CEE Regional Leader responsible for developing and supporting the mission in helping all IT Professional and IT Managers in CEE to reach their full potential.

Rane is very passionate about education and technology with seventeen years of experience. She has served as the Executive Director of California Skills USA-VICA, IT Project Manager for Guidant Corporation, Middle School Math and Science Teacher and IT Director for the San Francisco Unified School District. She has sat on the boards of top Education non-profits and on legislative committees and task forces. Rane is a graduate of Bucknell University with a BS Mechanical Engineering, BA Economics/Finance, and George Fox University with an Executive MBA in Transformational Leadership.

Rane spends a lot of her free time and energy focused on working with young women and students of color to help them reach their full potential in careers in Science, Technology and Engineering. In her free time, she loves the outdoors, outdoor sports, spending time with her puppy, traveling, playing with tech gadgets and working with students. She is an advisory board member and chair of the Women's Leadership committee for University Washington's Informatics Program. Her research interests lie in technology implications in reaching education for all, technology and the interplay of public-private partnerships in solving our greatest social problems and technology innovations required to engage student learning.


Microsoft Research has more than 850 Ph.D. researchers pushing the boundaries of computing in more than 65 different computer science disciplines in 13 researcher labs around the world. We support those who dream the impossible—inventing a better world one idea at a time. We collaborate with the world’s top academic and scientific researchers, institutions, and computer scientists to shape the future of computing in fields such as parallel programming, software engineering, natural user interfaces, and data-intensive scientific research. Our collaborations help us develop technologies to help solve some of the most urgent global challenges. In this session, you’ll learn how we are solving HIV with an anti-spam algorithm, helping diabetes patients with sensor lenses, enabling soon to be extinct languages to thrive, eradicating human trafficking of minors through technology and bridging the gap between sciences and humanities. More importantly , I will also discuss the important role women play in computer science and how you can join me in changing the world and produce the future innovations that will make this world a better place.

Ruthe Farmer

Director of Strategic Initiatives, NCWIT


Talk Title:
The Power of Encouragement

Ruthe Farmer has focused her efforts on increasing girls' participation in technology and engineering since 2001. As Director of Strategic Initiatives, she provides strategic planning and direction, fund development, and cultivation of new partnerships for NCWIT. Ruthe oversees the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing and efforts to accelerate distribution of NCWIT promising practices and resources throughout the computing community and beyond. In a previous position as the National Project Manager for Technology & Engineering Education for Girl Scouts of the USA, Ruthe designed and implemented national programs and partnerships to increase girls' participation in STEM and managed the K-12 Informal Education Hub of the National Center for Women & IT. She was responsible for establishing a national Lego Robotics initiative, scaling out the Intel Design & Discovery program to 63 councils, and forming a national partnership between FIRST Robotics and Girl Scouts of the USA. Ruthe has served on the NCWIT Leadership Team and as the co-chair of the NCWIT K-12 Alliance, on the National Girls Collaborative Project Champions Board, the FIRST Robotics Girls FIRST Advisory Board, and is a founding board member of Springboard Innovation, a nonprofit dedicated to incubating grass roots social entrepreneurs. She sits on the Lewis & Clark College Board of Alumni, is an ambassador for the University of Oxford Said Business School, and is also a founding board member of Her Story Media, a nonprofit media production company that tells the stories of technical women. Ruthe brings a wealth of experience in informal education, national collaboration, and fund development. She holds an MBA in Social Entrepreneurship & Marketing from the University of Oxford and is passionate about integrating innovative entrepreneurial strategies into her work.


Successful adults often point to a moment of encouragement - a significant adult saying "you are good at this" - as the influence for their career choices. Hear how the NCWIT and the Aspirations in Computing program is creating this moment for thousands of technically-minded girls and building a talent pool of young women into computing. Learn effective strategies for encouraging students, peers and yourself to successfully increase the recruitment, retention and advancement of technical women in your network.

Tricia Broderick

Director of Development at TechSmith

Tricia Broderick

Talk Title:
Put the Ladder Away!

Tricia Broderick is one of the directors of development at TechSmith, which builds innovative tools ––Snagit, Camtasia Studio, Camtasia Relay, Coach's Eye, Jing, Screencast.com–– to facilitate engaging visual communication. Tricia is responsible for creating and maintaining an empowering environment for software engineering teams to deliver high quality products. With the last six years focused on agile principles, her passion for mentoring and coaching has been essential in successfully transitioning into an agile leader. Recently, her team summarized her leadership by highlighting that she knows just when to honestly challenge someone out of their comfort zone while continuously providing support and encouragement.


Have you set a five year plan to climb the corporate ladder? At one time, I coached ambitious, talented people to advance up the rungs. However, as I reflect back on my own career, I couldn't have been more wrong. Please consider this presentation my formal apology. Join me as I reveal the reality of my career journey. I will share examples of missed opportunities as a result of focusing on the ladder. Expect to be surprised by what I now recommend if you want a truly rewarding career.